Are you ready to learn THE FORMULA FOR SUCCESS as a small business owner?

Passages To Success is a one of a kind development program focused on helping small business owners be BETTER business owners. It will help you uncover the gaps in your business and provide specific, actionable resources to help you fill those gaps.

Along with our community of like minded business owners, you will gain access to EXCLUSIVE EVENTS, learn from LOCAL BUSINESS LEADERS and SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS, and meet with DEDICATED MENTORS, that will push you to be a better business leader, be more connected to the community, and ultimately run a more successful business.

Learn how the power of shared experience helps
small business owners succeed

Accessible resources for the everyday small business owner

Masterminding and Mentorship are generally reserved only for the High Net Worth business owner. Passages to Success makes these resources accessible to early stage business owners who are trying to build a 7 figure business.

We know that business ownership is a lonely road. Fear, uncertainty and anxiety come with the territory. How you handle those emotions and your vulnerability to seek help will play a huge role in determining whether or not you can be a successful business owner.

"Are you ready for the responsibility of effort?"
- Kristen Rohder, Passages to Success Member


COMMUNITY: Building a supportive community of small business owners who believe that we are more successful when we all work together.

INVESTMENT: We are investing in the continuous development of stronger small business owners and creating a space for them to invest in themselves, their business and the community.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We are holding ourselves and our community members accountable to the goals we set and make a commitment to actively support the development of our fellow members.

BEER: Beer is a metaphor for the fun, low pressure and rewarding atmosphere we create for our community. Regardless of your beverage of choice, you will find a welcome place to come share your experience. You don’t have to drink beer, but we probably will be. 

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Each calendar quarter, events will be focused on specific topics related to one of the pillars. You will have the opportunity to listen, learn and interact with subject matter experts offering their insights and experience in each of these critical areas.

CLIENT ACQUISITION: You can’t have a business without customers. Passages To Success will help you with sales and marketing strategies specifically for small business owners that will help you attract more clients.

GROWTH: We all want it, but many of us are not prepared to deal with it when it hits. Whether it’s new employees, new products, or new locations, responsible growth is critical to scaling your business and setting you up for long term success.

CULTURE: Be intentional about the type of culture you want for your business, and that begins before you hire your first employee. Passages To Success will help you with defining/refining your story and articulating your mission/vision/values as well as providing tools to help you navigate your growth and give you insights on when to hire and recruiting strategies.

EXIT STRATEGY: Passages To Success will help you consider the long term plan for this business and help you visualize the ultimate goal for your business. Also, it will help you with contingency planning and putting proper protection in place to help you prepare for the unexpected.

If you're unwilling to push the limits, how will you ever find them?"
- Mike Nieto, Owner Catworks Construction


Kristen Rohder, Founder of On!

Natalie Fairchild, Founder & CEO of Pacific Perks

John Bentley
Co-Founder International TEFL Academy

Passages to Success is an invaluable resource if you’re a small business owner in terms of learning how to build your business, learning how to grow your business, and it’s just a great way to meet other small business owners and others in the business world.

Lynn Sheehan
CEO Evolve Strategic Ventures 

I attend a lot of courses and events during the year but in the last several years, this is the best event I have attended. Passages to Success is a group of business owners who are all pushing through the daily ups and downs of owning/managing a business, managing people, and focusing on success. I meet business owners everyday who would like to have a place to share ideas, gain knowledge, and feel empowered to take action